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We are a bunch of conversion-obsessed visual storytellers, designers and animators orchestrating memorable, purpose-driven brand experiences.

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Logo Designing

A logo needs to express diversified nuances of your brand’s root values and beliefs on which it was founded. Fictivebox designs timeless logos for your brand with acute precision, keeping in mind the story you have to narrate and the promises your brand has to convey to its cust omers.

Visual Identity

A brand’s weightage in the market is measured on the scale of how consumers perceive it. Therefore, it is significant that your brand has a lasting impact on your audience’s psyche. Ficitvebox as a boutique agency creates emotionally stirring as well as distinctive visual identity for your brand. Be it your company’s logo, color palette, packaging our designs would impel your customers to pursue you.


Human beings are creatures who are driven by visual appeal. Before your product gets the chance to convey its brilliance, the packaging would communicate on product’s behalf. Fictivebox creates packaging with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality which conveys the idea of the content it encloses within. With our in-depth research of various industries, we create ingenious designs for your product’s packaging. In the process, we keep in mind your product’s USPs and the psychology of your customers.

Brand Strategy

A neat brand strategy is what makes your ‘company’ a legitimate ‘brand’. Especially in this digital era, with people having a short attention span, your brand needs to have a recall value. It includes multiple components of your company’s philosophy which ultimately aims to make it identifiable amongst others. Fictivebox works by digging out the market analysis, studying your competitions and understanding different peculiarities of your product or service. Being well equipped with this data, we give your brand the ultimate social voice it needs.

Brand Reimagination

Whether it’s or simply refreshing the brand, Fictivebox works with you to rebrand your company. We understand, interpret, redesign, and redevelop your brand’s identity by understanding your reasons behind it. Furthermore, we reposition your visual identity, your social voice, brand image and every minute detail that talks about your brand. With this we create a space where you attract a new audience, while also making sure that the old audience feels at home.