Privacy Policy

Privacy is of utmost importance to us. The privacy policies ensure that your personal data is safe and secured with us.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is of utmost importance to us. The privacy policies ensure that your personal data is safe and secured with us. When you visit our website, you accept all the Terms & Conditions, Policies and Conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy. Furthermore, we ensure that your personal data is never compromised. All the details discussed down below are subject to change.

The frequent updates in the privacy policy ensure best practices. The Privacy Policies are subject to change according to the government compliances. Hence, it is advised that you visit the Privacy Policy page often to check for valuable changes. .

Gathering your Personal Information

The information that we take in from you is as follows:

  • Website Visit Purpose

  • Why did you visit our website is the significant information we intake from you. In other words, the pages you viewed and the accessed resources. Traffic, communication, and location data are some of the information these carry.

  • Voluntary information from you

  • Communication Data from your end while we connect.

Note: Our website does not accept online payments. Hence, we DO NOT store, transfer, or use any payment details, and we never save Financial information, Credit Card Information, or Bank Details.

How Cookies are used?

We stork the small pieces of text to your browser and personal computer. This ensures that the site remembers the information you put down and enhance the experience. We also use these pieces of information to provide a better workflow for the website. Therefore, there is no information saved for personal use.

Furthermore, it is statistical data used for the functioning of the website and easy processing of information from our to your end.

You reserve the right to accept or decline the cookies according to your preferences. You can adjust the computer settings to deny the cookies on your computer.

How do we use the information we collected?

The data we collect is exclusively used for making the experience more friendly for you.

The following points denote how we use your information further.

  • We can lessen the time it takes to provide you with the desired services. The glance of information for you becomes easy and streamlined.

  • Personalize the services and searches for you. It will help you get a more enhanced look into the benefits and provide additional information. If you accept the cookies, we provide you with relatable details.

  • We can also notify you of the changes in the website and the services we offer.

We may further use the pieces of information to provide a helpful search. It is based mainly on the services you purchased from us or looking to purchase from us. If you have approved the information sharing, we may offer the information to the selected third parties for services that may interest you. However, you don't need to consent to the data. But if you did, you can withdraw the consent from your browser's settings.

Sharing Personal Information

When you provide the personal information on the website, you accept the terms of personal information. The security of the data from our end is always safe and secured. However, the transmission channels are not always safe. There can be data breaches into the track, which might compromise the personal information that you send. We cannot guarantee the data security of the personal information that you transmit electronically.

We Against Data Sharing

We have strict policies for personal information. We DO NOT share the personal identity or information of the end customer with anybody. The general information about the browsing pattern and required services is something that we choose to share with the third-party companies. We also never use personal or private information for advertising or marketing purposes.

Privacy Policy Changes

If our website goes through any change, including any change in the privacy policy, we will inform you via the e-mail you provided. You should also check back frequently to see any updates or changes in the privacy policy to keep the best interests active for you. On the other hand, we will notify you at every step.

Policy Terms Acceptance

When you use this website over any device, you need to consent to the policies. If you do not agree to the guidelines, kindly do not use the site. Furthermore, if you continue to use this website, you need to accept all the privacy policies. We will also keep you updated about the updates and changes o the website and the privacy policy for your ease of access.

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