Terms & Conditions

The Terms of Services are a great way to provide all the compliances our company follow to provide the best experience to you while you visit our website.

Terms of Services

The Terms of Services are a great way to provide all the compliances our company follow to provide the best experience to you while you visit our website. The Terms apply to all our valuable clients, companies, and visitors. Whenever you connect with our company, these are some of the policies you will come across to provide the best of interest you. The agreement is valid from the date of your first payment when you avail of the digital marketing services of our company.

We have noted all the essential details that you and your business need to take into your account. These Terms of Services comply with our website: https://fictivebox.com/.

Service Conditions

Fictivebox offers a range of digital marketing services. Furthermore, there are development services too.

We provide Mobile App Development, Website Designing and Development, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Management (SMM), Graphic Designing, UI/UX designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Optimization (SMO), Software Development, and Content Marketing Services.

Employee Probation Period

The company's employment policies call for a probationary period for every employee joining Fictivebox. The Probation Period is set to 3 months from the date of joining. The probation period is set to test the sustainability of the employee to the company. The termination of an employee during the probation period is at the company's sole discretion according to the suitability and unsatisfactory performance.

The company can extend the probation period in special cases. If or when the company finds the employee's work, performance, or attitude unsatisfactory, but there is a chance of improvement, the company might extend the probation period further.

Termination During Probation Period

As mentioned in the Probation Period Policy, Fictivebox holds the sole discretion to terminate an employee during the Probation Period. It may be due to, but not limited to indiscipline, rude/hostile behaviour, non-productivity, un-sustainability, and/or unsatisfactory services. The company may or may not provide a valid reason for the employee's termination. Furthermore, Fictivebox is not viable to provide a written reason or verbal reason for the termination and the sole discretion lies in the hands of the supervisor and the company officers.


We have a strict policy against absconding. The policies come into action when:

  • An employee leaves the company without any prior notice.

  • An employee holds company property with them

  • An employee remains absent for three or more consecutive days without prior notice.

Furthermore, there are legal actions that the company can take up against the employee for loss to the company. In the light of legal actions, we may

  • Send a legal notice regarding the same

  • Ask you to submit all the company properties back.

  • Claim all the damages due to the sudden absence.

  • Penalize you for your actions

Exit Policy and Resignation

If and when an employee resigns from the company, there are a set of rules that govern the company's exit policy. These rules include:

  • The Employee needs to immediately report to the supervisor or manager about the intention to leave the company.

  • The Notice Period of the company is 30 days for Non-Tech and 60 days for Tech Employees. The company holds the discretion to extend the notice period based on the role and responsibilities to be transferred.

  • The supervisor or the manager after a detailed discussion with the employee will provide the acceptance or non-acceptance of the resignation. The employee is expected to communicate the last working day with HR.

  • During the Notice Period, Employees should conduct a smooth handover of their current responsibilities to the concerned person. The company, however, reserves the right to extend the notice period.

  • For a smooth transition of responsibilities, the employee needs to submit the company assets and all the belongings they have. The list includes but is not limited to documents, laptops, computers, computer-generated information, reports, client data, studies, data and other such materials. Furthermore, there should not retain the items or leave with any dues. The company is liable to take action against the employee otherwise.

Misc. Terms of Services

The 'terms of services agreement include the understanding and agreement of the parties regarding the subject matter hereof. It means that the company might alter the policies, compliances, and conditions now and then at Fictivebox's sole discretion. Fictivebox will mail any change in the agreement or the policy to the client's last officially added e-mail ID for adequate notice of changes in the agreement.

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